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What makes us different from your local computer repair shop?

There are 5 things that set us apart from the rest –

1. Less Expensive!

That’s right! A brick and motar retail location can cost well over $4000 per month before a profit is realized. Customers pay that overhead in volume and reduced personal service. I save you money by fixing it right the First Time. I continue to save you money by teaching you to avoid the common pitfalls of many computer users by doing ongoing simple maintenance yourself. This approach makes your computer last years longer than most. Once you’re a client many future fixes can often be done remotely at your request in seconds instead of days. I have performed thousands of fixes remotely in less than 3 minutes at no charge. (Some clients have followed my simple maintenance advice so well that they haven’t needed me for years. I’m fine with that because such loyal customers recommend continuously)

2. Personal Service!

Unlike most GEEKS, I like people much more than computers. I will invite you to pull up a chair and watch everything I do. I have no need to stroke my own ego by using technojargan that you could care less about. I’m there to fix your computer not practice a scene from Star Trek. I want to impress you with results not words. I explain what I am doing so you understand without hearing annoying technical buzzwords. As you watch the process it will remind you of problems that you’ve been enduring that can be addressed on the spot without hauling it anywhere. Shops commonly change desktops, icons, links, and home pages without your approval to give the appearance that they did a lot. Meanwhile you’re lost in the new layout that you didn’t ask for. As creatures of habit, most folks just want to remain in their comfort zone.

3. Faster Fixes!

Most PC problems can be fixed in a one hour service call. But it could sit on the shelf for days before the geek at the shop even takes a look at it. You then have to go fetch it, take it home, plug in all the wires and devices. When you discover that something still doesn’t work or hasn’t been taken care of you have to repeat that drop off and fetch process until it does.

4. Privacy!

Leaving your computer at some shop with untold people having unlimited access to it should scare the tar out of anyone. Having worked in such places I know I wouldn’t. Shops are havens of curious snoops. I’ve met plenty that have little respect for the privacy of others.

5. Comprehensive Fix!

Having the computer in its normal environment is part of the diagnosis and repair. Are the wires properly installed? Are peripheral devices like printers & cameras causing issues? I have discovered phone systems, power lines, heat, internet service, microwave ovens, routers, blenders, freezers even alarm systems causing problems. A repair shop is incapable of such diagnosis.

So give me a call at 503.572.1307 and let’s chat!

Bill Emett
Computer Service Calls

Computer Repair Gresham. Local Computer Repair Gresham. You won’t find us in the Yellow Pages but you will find us Repairing Computers in the Portland Metro Area. PC Fix is all we do. Laptop Repair, Desktop Computer Repair and Data Recovery. Selling Computers occasionally as a Custom System. Fix my PC is something we hear everyday. But we want to hear Wow! My Clean PC. Affordable Flat Rate Repair is all we do.

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