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Affordable In Home Computer Repair Gresham Oregon

Computer Repair Portland

Computer Repair Portland never a trip or travel charge.

As a resident in Gresham I have been serving the Gresham and Portland Oregon area with computer repair help for many years. I travel throughout the Portland metro area.

In Computer Repair Portland is less expensive and so much more for your money than taking your computer to some shop and leaving it there. All too often when you take it back home, plug in all of the wires and restart there are still unresolved problems.

Here at Computer Repair Portland we a more than happy to come to your home and fix your computer. There is an elegant beauty in having someone sit down with you and address every one of your PC issues, one by one, in the comfort of your home without distraction. As you watch problems get resolved you learn how to avoid future issues. My goal is to outperform every expectation. All too often customers will say “Oh that reminds me….” And I help them with the little annoying problems that is easily forgotten until it’s too late. With the online technology of remote service I tell customers not to worry if they forgot to ask me a question because EVERYTHING can be fixed remotely at no extra charge.

Computer Repair Portland is there when problems need to be addressed right away. A remote session can be arranged even later into the evening after dinner without interfering with your day schedule. Just imagine sitting down with a glass of wine right in front of your computer while I, the technician, work on your computer as you watch. Or if you prefer you just watch a movie or even go to bed as your computer is serviced. I do this type of service many times per week within the customer’s convenience window. No reattaching wires, no dropping off or picking up your computer. This saves time, headache, gas and money.

Give me a call with any PC REPAIR issue. From networking to virus removal and everything in between it can likely be addressed without the slightest hassle to you. I have many customers that are addicted to my remote care. Once you try it you’ll never want to do it any other way. Contact me right now for the easiest PC service on earth. Computer Repair Portland is always here with onsite or remote, online service
Computer Repair Portland is always here to serve you.

Give me a call for the finest computer repair service in Portland.

Bill 503-572-1307